Cornerstone Nonprofit Healthcare

“Mobilizing primary and preventive care is a simple and obvious idea. It is not a radical concept. It’s already done across the country, just not done enough. These methods have been shown to be efficient, both qualitatively and in dollars saved.” Venkat Srinivasan

Bringing Affordable Medical Care Closer to Home

Mondays and Tuesdays

Waypoint Church Parking lot

1313 N. 48th Ave

10:00am to 4:00pm


On the Edge Technologies Parking lot

6572 Ames Ave

10:00 to 4:00pm

Cost for appointments:


We accept all insurances


Uninsured - Our sliding scale rate is affordable and based off family size and income, due at time of service

Blood work - Labcorp

billed directly to clinic, offered to our clients at cost


East African Development Association of Nebraska

4735 NW Radial Hwy

10:00am to 4:00pm

Adult Services

  • Chronic Illnesses

    • Hypertension

    • Diabetes

    • Asthma

    • COPD

    • Mood Concerns

  • Acute Illnesses

    • Sick visits​

    • Stomach and Bowel Concerns

Children Services

  • Acute Illnesses

    • Sick visits​

    • Stomach and Bowel Concerns

  • Sport Physicals


  • Procedures/Tests performed – CLIA waved testing

    • Ear wax removal

    • Nebulizer treatments

    • Minor Abscess Treatments

    • Pelvic Exams

    • Pregnancy tests

Preventative Education and Screenings

Cherisa Meyer-Fletcher PA-C

My interest in helping others began when I was in high school when my mother was sick with breast cancer. After her passing of breast cancer when I was 18 years old, I vowed I would do something with my life to make her death mean something.


I went to college and received a BS in genetics. At that time, I thought my mark would be in cancer research. While earning my BS, I volunteered in a hospice center with those dying.


I graduated with my BS in genetics, moved and worked in a genetics lab. Since I had moved I stopped volunteering in the hospice center. I missed patient care deeply. I then went back to school for nursing. I worked my way up in the healthcare field from nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse and eventually a registered nurse. While doing this education I was given the opportunity to travel to Guatemala and build a house. This was such an eye-opening experience for me. 


Returning to the US, I went through reverse culture shock. I was so taken aback at how in Guatemala everyone worked for each other and even those we weren't helping were so gracious to us for being there to help others. Here in the US, we don't even know our neighbors. Most interactions are to help ourselves or our direct family ... at least that is what my experiences were. I was ashamed and saddened this is who I was. This trip was followed by one to the Philippines where I worked in a clinic. Again, I loved the community and was sad to return to the US.


I was working on a hospice/cancer floor as a registered nurse but I still couldn't answer all the questions the patients asked me. I wanted to do more for them than give them pills. I went on to Physician Assistant school.


I had separated from God in my adult life and it was during this time of immense struggle of learning and caring for my daughter and family that I looked to the church for help. I didn't believe but wanted to so badly!


God led back to him and then to Haiti. I resisted, I didn’t want to go, I had too much stress in my life. After the 3rd time Haiti was placed in my way I reluctantly agreed, IF I could raise the money to go. The money just showed up as family supported me and off I went. I have now been to Haiti 3 times!


I started working in a community health center to find meaning in my everyday life. I found a community of people here in the US that I felt called to help!! I was so grateful! I found God had other plans for me than that health clinic. I was meant to create something new


I am not doing this alone! I have a board and a lot of people praying for the clinic but best of all God has shown me he is behind me! “Hands to the plow” one step at a time I move forward towards his vision!